Wines of Valencia

In the autonomous community of Valencia lies one of Spain’s lesser known, but highly esteemed wine regions. Valencia sits on the eastern coast of Spain along the Mediterranean Sea. Its warm and sunny climate produces grape varieties exclusive to the area evidenced by 3 distinct DOP regions within Valencia itself. Denominación de Origen Protegida (DOP), or Protected Designation of Origin as otherwise known in English, ensures the authenticity of the grapes native to a local region. Within Valencia, wine enthusiasts will find DO Utiel-Requena, DO Alicante, and DOP Valencia, as well as many wines from Castellón, which is a wine region that boasts some of Spain’s best quality wines, mostly reds. In Alicante and throughout the entire Valencian region, a wide variety of grapes are cultivated to produce reds, whites, dry wines and sweet wines, as well as cava.

Check out a few of Valencia’s most noteworthy grape varietals…

  • Bobal: This common red Spanish grape produces wines with powerful flavors, dark colors, and can have a spiced winter aroma to it.
  • Moscatel: This white grape yields sweet and dessert wines with more refreshing fruit flavors perfect for warm weather.
  • Monastrell: A red wine with a rich taste including fruit notes
  • Garnacha: A very versatile red grape that can be grown in various climates, Garnacha has a balanced, medium-bodied feel.
  • Macabeo: Macabeos produce a crisp, light white wine that pairs well with seafood dishes.
  • Fondillón: Made from very mature Monastrell grapes, this traditional Valencian wine is a dessert wine due to its sweetness.

When traveling in Valencia, wine connoisseurs will want to try the many grape varieties, through local brands, and perhaps buying a few DOP wines straight from the source.