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At Valesa Cultural Services, crafting personalized tours is our area of expertise, since 1968. We excel in curating unforgettable journeys and consistently aim to surpass your expectations. With our extensive network of connections and local specialists, we develop flawless itineraries in all of our destinations across the Iberian Peninsula, along the French Border, all Spanish & Portuguese islands, Gibraltar and Morocco.

Special Interest Trips

Discover the joy of customizing your journey

One of the world’s top wine producers, Spain has the largest amount of land dedicated to vineyards of any country in the world. Spanish wines are exciting for their different regional varieties and Portugal is renowned for its Port wines and boasts excellent table wines with more than 300 grape varieties. We arrange private wine tours with local experts in both countries, including private tastings and visits to private wine cellars.


With over 100 UNESCO World Heritage Sites throughout Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and France, ask us for our best recommendations in your desired destination, or take a tour of our favorite sites in any one of the regions we service.


Whether you prefer hands-on cooking classes or tastings at our best restaurants, we create gourmet tours throughout all regions. Learn to cook our most loved regional dishes in the luxury of a chef’s private home, enjoy a local wine tasting, sample the best olive oil and ham, visit the markets, take our favorite tapas tours, or even learn to mix your own wine!


The Iberian Peninsula is rich in archaeological sites due to its long and diverse history. Prehistoric caves with some of the earliest signs of life, the mark of ancient civilizations, Moorish history, and preservation of Medieval wonders are just some of the many archaeological themes found on the Iberian Peninsula.


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Custom-Made Tours

Choosing Valesa Cultural Services to plan your trip offers the advantage of personalized itineraries tailored to your specific interests and budget, ensuring a unique and memorable experience.

Whether you’re interested in food and wine, outdoor activities, cultural explorations, or niche local traditions, we have something for everyone.

Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and France collectively offer a wealth of fantastic wellness opportunities that cater to diverse tastes. Spain’s thermal spas, Portugal’s serene coastal retreats, Morocco’s hammams, and idyllic landscapes create a tapestry of options for rejuvenation. Whether seeking relaxation, spa services, holistic healing, or cultural immersion, here we blend ancient traditions with modern comforts, inviting travelers to embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being.


Discover the exotic mix of architecture in Spain and Portugal. Here you will find Roman foundations, early Islamic influences, European trends, dreamlike Modernism, and striking contemporary design…..all in the same area. Our architecture experts and special lecturers walk you through both modern and antiquated styles and will teach you about restoration techniques throughout.


We have a long history of organizing exclusive tours for trustees and collectors from the most prestigious art museums. We arrange visits with art historians to study the great masterpieces, behind-the-scenes looks in private artist studios to meet our favorite local artists, and tours of the best collections, both public and private, around Spain, Portugal, the French border region, and Morocco.


The diverse landscapes among Spain, Portugal, France and Morocco are a nature lover’s dream. Spain’s Camino de Santiago is an iconic pilgrimage trail, weaving through diverse landscapes and charming villages. Portugal boasts rugged coastal paths along the Rota Vicentina, serene countryside with cork forests and vineyards, mountain ranges, deserts, many islands and endless coastlines…the Iberian Peninsula has it all. We’ll help you get outside on your Valesa tour because #NatureisCulture.


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