Spanish Omelette

Tortilla de Patata: Spanish Omelette

If you’ve been to Spain, you’ve undeniably tried the classic tortilla de patata, or Spanish omelette. Also known as Tortilla Española, this typical Spanish dish can best be described as a potato omelette made simply using only eggs, potatoes, olive oil, and salt, with the option to include onions. Often served as tapas, tortilla de patatas can be eaten a variety of ways: hot, cold, or room temperature. It’s also versatile as can be eaten for breakfast, as a snack on bread,  as a sandwich, or served with a salad at lunchtime. Spaniards eat this traditional dish at any time of day. While its exact origins are disputed, tortilla española became popular due to its practicality as an economic and easily accessible meal in the 18th century, centuries after potatoes were introduced to Spain. The dish became widespread as it was filling enough to fuel workers during long days and sustain soldiers during war in the 19th century.

While tortilla de patatas consists of 4-5 simple ingredients, the versions of this Spanish omelette are endless. Many like to include caramelized onions in their recipes, and others include cheese to give it a more moist consistency and add flavor. Other common additions are peppers, chorizo, or mushrooms. Tortilla can also be found stuffed, known as tortilla rellena, with ham and cheese, tuna, vegetables, or with more modern twists like goat cheese, spinach, or even sweeter ingredients. When it comes to preparation, Spaniards get creative, while others, stick to tried and true family recipes.

No matter where you’re headed in Spain, tortilla de patatas can be found throughout the country in cafes, bars, and restaurants with different varieties and flavors reflecting the distinct regions. Ask Valesa for our recommendations to find the best tortilla de patata this side of the Atlantic.