Staff Spotlight – Enrique, Juan and Oliver

The travel industry is vast, dynamic, fun and challenging, and gives you the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people. It’s also one of the better industries in terms of gender equality. According to the UN World Tourism Organization, 54% of the global tourism workforce is comprised of women. This statistic holds true here at Valesa where most of our team and our clients are indeed women. This month, we asked the three men on our team what they think about this phenomenon!  Here’s what they had to say:

1. What do you enjoy about working in a female-dominated office?
  • E: Overall, female colleagues give you a different approach than that of a male, men can sometimes be too pragmatic or direct. Women give you a new outlook on certain things, such as how to solve a problem.
  • J: Women offer diverse perspectives. Exposure to different viewpoints can lead to more creative and effective problem-solving and decision-making processes. We have a good work environment here, everyone at the office has distinct backgrounds, ideas, and personalities and we all get along and work well together. Valesa has a strong collaborative culture, which can be a positive experience for men who enjoy teamwork.
  • O: I’m young but I’ve become more mature through working with my female colleagues. The only problem is that I love soccer, which is not really their favorite topic! Now that there are three of us guys in the office, it feels nice to have more men around.
2. What are some things that you’ve learned from your female coworkers?
  • E: I think it’s a two-way street. I’ve learned from the women, but the men also teach things. I have learned that empathy plays a role because sometimes, with coworkers and clients, they just want to be listened to, heard and understood.
  • J: Improved communication skills. Working at Valesa has helped me develop an attention to detail that I never had before. They bring a different approach to problem solving too, which is useful for the service industry.
  • O: Yes, I’m now more detail oriented, which I really wasn’t before. I’ve also learned to take my time and be more careful in my day-to-day tasks.
3. Why do you think the tourism sector is dominated by women?
  • In this case, all the men agree. They say that women are better listeners, and they put themselves in client’s shoes. This work is suitable for women because they have the right qualities for the job: organized, meticulous, creative, and detail oriented!
4. Would you like to see more men in the industry? What special qualities do you think men bring to the job?
  • E: Yes, I would like to see more men in the industry because it’s good to have balance. Men are good at presenting a solution and resolving issues quickly. We are more straightforward and pragmatic, which is a good quality to have. This, mixed with women’s’ perspectives, is important.
  • J: I would like to see more men in the industry because we tend to make decisions more quickly. But I think it’s good to have a balance, both sides are important in the business. A mixed gender office is important for day-to-day work as well as understanding what the clients want. Different communication styles and approaches to teamwork can complement each other, leading to improved collaboration and productivity.
  • O: I don’t feel that we need more men because everything is already working well. However, most of the time men are simpler and more straightforward which can be a good thing.