Happy Client: Leah Bergner

My husband and I loved every part of our Barcelona trip. We are so glad we didn’t pass up this opportunity and we thank our travel advisor along with Valesa Tours, who did such a great job customizing our itinerary for us! It was the perfect start of the vacation before heading on our cruise! Carme, our personal tour guide, took us through tours in different parts of the city, into the Picasso museum, arranged for us to join the mass at Sagrada Familia & even dined with us at a couple restaurants! We loved that we got to do what the locals do & we felt very comfortable and completely safe with her. She was extremely knowledgeable when it came to explaining the sites of the city, the history & allowed us to customize our itinerary if it didn’t fit or needs. Another exciting part of our trip was taking a sidecar tour with our guide Valentina! She was amazing too & took us to the top of the hill overlooking the city and served us glasses of champagne to celebrate our anniversary!