Enchanting Madeira 

Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago of four small islands near Morocco.  It is a truly magical place where you can find beautiful gardens, tropical forests, and rich culture.  

The main island is known for its rugged, natural landscape full of mountains and cliffs. There are many viewpoints and observation decks all over the island where you can take in the immense natural beauty including the natural volcanic pools like Porto Moniz or hike the spectacular trails of Pico do Arieiro. 

Most clients enjoy the scenery by catching the cable car up from the capital city of Funchal to Monte, a hilltop area known for its history and viewpoints as well as beautiful gardens.  Don’t forget to take a traditonal 19th C wicker-basket sleigh ride here!  Safe and fun for all ages, this 2km ride can reach 30km per hour is both thrilling and unforgettable.

Back in Funchal don’t the local food market which is closed on Sundays, and the most fun on Fridays when the farmers  come from the villages.  Beautiful Madeiran flowers, exotic fruits, wicker and leather goods and more local specialties make this market a MustVisit for great pics and local gifts.   

And don’t forget the historic and traditional Madeira wine. This rich, fortified wine is made from grapes of exceptional quality grown in the fertile, volcanic soil and  is very unique because heat is introduced during the aging process. H&H wine lodge offers tours to learn about their history, as well as free tastings of their three-year range of wines. The famous Blandy wine lodge has been making wine for seven generations, and they offer private wine tastings. 

Just outside of Funchal, you will find some of the highest cliffs in Europe, and out on the water clients often reserve dolphin and whale watching boat excursions. The best time for whale watching is between April and October.  

If you are looking to relax on a beach, the pebbled ones in Madeira will not be enough for most beach lovers. We recommend visiting the nearby island of Porto Santo, famous for its 9-kilometer sandy beach and turquoise waters. Called the golden island, it was awarded Biosphere Reserve status by UNESCO. You can easily get there by ferry, which takes 2.5 hours, or there is a direct 25-minute flight from Madeira.  

If you decide to visit Madeira and Porto Santo, our team is happy to help you plan your journey to this unique and unforgettable Portuguese destination.