Connecting Morocco 

If you’re thinking of flying direct from the US to Morocco, several cities such as Miami (MIA), New York City (JFK) and Washington (IAD) offer non-stop service to Casablanca. Royal Air Maroc is currently the only airline flying year-round between these destinations.   

Additionally, starting October 24th United Airlines will begin offering non-stop flights to Marrakesh three times per week from Newark Airport.  London and Paris also fly direct to Marrakesh, making this an important destination that’s easily accessible for any international traveler.   

Valesa specializes in tours across the entire region, and there are many connections from Morocco to Spain and Portugal so you can easily visit multiple countries on your personalized tour with us.  Starting your adventure in Morocco allows visitors to follow the history and the cuisine north for great wines and amazing Moorish sites in Spain so you can connect the historical dots. 

From most of Morocco there are plenty of air connections available to Spain & Portugal:  

From the coastal city of Casablanca, there are direct flights to Madrid, Barcelona, Las Palmas, Málaga and Valencia in Spain. If going to Portugal, there are daily flights to Lisbon.  

Marrakesh has many options as well. From this airport, you can travel straight to Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, and Sevilla most days. The direct flights to Portugal arrive in Lisbon.  

Rabat and Fes also have some connections to Spain.    

Let Valesa guide you in selecting your client’s perfect route through these enchanting destinations. 

SPECIAL NOTE:  Don’t forget that Valesa Cultural has adopted a village in the High Atlas Mountains, and we contribute 2% of profits across the company to our Berber friends in Tiniskt throughout 2024.