Wines of Galicia

When traveling through Galicia, Spain’s northwestern region, you might be surprised to find a number of Denomination of Protected Origin wines. This regionand most of Spain has a long history of viticulture dating back to the Romans and then growing with the monasteries in the Middle Ages.

In this green, Celtic-like, and rain-filled region of Spain, the grape varietals may look a little different. Galicia is best known for its white wines, especially Albariño. Reds from Galicia are still prominent, but lesser known on a global scale. Let’s take a closer look at which varietals you should try and where during your travels throughout Galicia.

Rías Baixas: This DO wine region of Galicia located in Pontevedra is best known for their white, citric, and refreshing Albariño wines that are sold all throughout Spain and indeed the world. The grapes grown here are heavily influenced by the Atlantic coastal breezes and they pair well with local seafood dishes as well as sipping on a sunny summer day. Clients of Valesa love combining these tastings with mussel/oyster fishing education as they go, not to be missed!

Ribera Sacra: The terrain of this region does not make wine cultivation easy, but the unique tastes of Ribera Sacra will stand out amongst other great wines around Spain. Here, you will find Mencía, the most popular red grape variety, and Godello, the most popular white. The climate, granite soil, and location along the Sil and Miño rivers contribute to the acidity and flavor profile of both red and whites from Ribera Sacra.

Valdeorras & Monterrei: Two distinct regions in southeastern Galicia, Valdeorras and Monterrei both produce whites like Godello. The whites of these regions are known for their smooth, citric flavors. In Monterrei, the smallest DO region of Galicia, you will also find reds like Araúxa that are intense and can be challenging to grow.

Get to know Galician wines on a deeper level during your travels if you’re a wine lover, and of course foodies and history lovers adore this lesser known area. Don’t hesitate to ask your Valesa Customer Service Manager about your options for wine tastings, education, and always private experiences in Galicia.