Valesa Cultural Helps Morocco

Valesa Cultural Services has been working in Morocco for the last 15 years, and we believe in responsible tourism everywhere we work. Last September most of you recall the earthquake that took place in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains, an easy drive from Marrakech.

Located on the edge of the Toubkal National Park, there are Berber villages that have been most hospitable to our guests and so we have decided to donate proceeds from Valesa profits throughout 2024 to the village of Tiniskt. approximately 50 miles from Marrakech, the majority of their homes were made from wood, rock and mud which fell easily when the ground shook and so this area was completely destroyed by the earthquake.

Check out Marcy meeting our friend, Hassan, a leader in the local community. Hassan is taking care of rebuilding homes, schools, shelters to sleep to protect themselves from the cold this winter, along with other basic needs to recover normal life the sooner the better. We are pleased to be able to assist throughout 2024, and of course celebrate their achievements and dreams for a better future together and in person soon.

Valesa owner Marcy Forman can be seen here with our first sizable donation, and and we will be donating a portion of all profits until the end of 2024.  Stay tuned for monthly news about their progress, and book with Valesa Cultural to assure you are part of the solution in Morocco too.