Staff Spotlight – Nuria Fernandez

This month, the spotlight is on our wonderful coworker Nuria! Working at Valesa for several years as Groups reservations & Operations Manager, Nuria is a jack of ALL trades: she studied law, had her own law firm, worked in different aspects of tourism including her own DMC and in her free time she even sings professionally when she can find the time! 

When asked how she ended up sticking with the tourism industry, she explained that her childhood and her sister had a lot to do with it. When Nuria was in college, her sister was living and working in Istanbul tourism and Nuria would visit her periodically. While there, she began working as a tour guide for groups that were visiting the city, and she even helped her sister open her own travel agency. This experience, along with travelling with her family as a child, is what solidified her passion for tourism.  

Some of her hobbies, apart from singing, include skiing and travelling with her family, for her athletic sons who play soccer, and so are always on the move. A true soccer mom!  In the summer, she usually travels to northern Spain with her family to escape the heat of Madrid. They go to places like León and Asturias, near the Picos de Europa mountain range to enjoy the cool summer nights.  

One thing Nuria loves about working at Valesa is building new and interesting itineraries for her clients, especially when she can incorporate some off the beaten path destinations and activities. She also loves being able to travel for work, whether it be attending an industry fair or going to discover and inspect new activities to offer her clients. For her, working at Valesa is always dynamic and fun. 

Thank you Nuria! We love having you with us and we appreciate your kindness and incredible expertise!