Meet our newest Valesitas

We are a diverse team of all ages and special interests lending to the wealth of knowledge, shared fun and contacts on our team. Professional singers, sommeliers, foodies, fishing fans, flamenco dancers and much more make up our great team. We are so happy to welcome our latest stars:

Carmen Paredes. We are all excited to be working with Carmen who joins us from other hotel companies but most especially her beloved sommellier training. Our resident wine expert, Carmen most enjoys the teamwork and spirit at Valesa Cultural- a rare jewel these days. She looks forward to more travel with Valesa after all the new systems are organized, of course. Thank you Carmen for joining us, it is a pleasure working and playing with you 😊

Juan Barrera. Juan joins us from luxury boutique hotels, and is thrilled to have found a better quality of life and more challenges on the DMC side of our industry. As a culture guru, Juan loves and learns the most on that side of our business and he hopes to travel a lot! Until then he wishes he could come to work by car- tall order at Puerta de Sol in the center, to be sure…. We understand you, Juan, and glad you make the effort be here with us.

Miriam Garcia. Miriam loves the people at Valesa, and more than anything she is always happy with numbers. Analyzing costs, understanding how much things cost and where to go especially in Portugal are all part of her favorite aspects of working at Valesa Cultural. We love you too, Miriam!

Beatriz Aparicio. Beatriz is also enchanted with our team, and she can’t wait to join our team trips too. Hopefully once the suppliers respond more quickly, then Beatriz will find her happy place at Valesa Cultural permanently.