New for Mondays in Madrid- The Prado Museum

New for Mondays in Madrid- The Prado Museum

     prado-museumGreat news from one of Europe’s top museums! The Prado Museum announced last week that it will be open for every day of the week, no longer closing every Monday. This measure will go into effect first only for the exhibition of “The Hermitage in the Prado” which will be open Monday to Sunday beginning on November 8, 2011. The permanent collection of the museum will begin opening daily beginning on January 16th, 2012. The Prado, which has a general entry fee of 10 Euros (about $14), will remain open even on Good Friday, when it has traditionally been closed; it will be closed only three days a year, Jan. 1, May 1 and Dec. 25 This improvement in service to the public will also see an increase in the hours that the museum allows free entry. Visitors will now be able to enjoy the museum for free every day during the last two opening hours. (Monday to Saturday from 6pm to 8pm and Sunday from 5pm to 7pm)The Monday opening is an effort to guarantee the sustainability of the museum in the coming years with a goal of eventually generating 60 percent of its operating budget through entry fees and other income to help offset reductions in government support in the weakened European economy.

    Velazquez-Surrender of Breda

Velazquez’s – The Surrender of Breda or The Lances  – Part of the Prado’s permanent collection.

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