Introducing services in Morocco

Introducing services in Morocco

Valesa Cultural Services has always been known for having the best English speaking guides around.  We don’t settle for just the offical licensed guide, but rather boast guides and local experts that stand out in their field.  Historians, art historians, curators, architecture experts, chefs, somelliers, tapas experts, flamenco dancers and bullfighting specialists are just a few of the special interests that we cover in-depth for our clients.

So….after many years of turning down your  requests for us to handle extensions into next-door Morocco, we are very pleased to announce that we have joined forces with a true scholar and expert on Morocco.   Our recent clients have been thrilled with their services in Morocco, and so we are already making a name for ourselves when combining Morocco with Spain and/or Portugal.  Now you can arrange the entire trip through Valesa Cultural Services, while maintaining the same quality guarantee that our clients demand.  Major American museum and university alumni groups have worked with us over the years in Spain and Portugal while planning their extension with Piotr, who now joins forces with us in order to facilitate planning with one-stop shopping/planning for all three countries. 

Here is a short bio about our Morocco expert: Having spent part of his childhood in Tunisia, Piotr landed in Morocco in 1977 as a teacher. He studied Berber culture, local languages, and explored  all nooks of the Kingdom. In 1982 he began to offer travelers the most insightful insider’s look at Morocco, its peoples and their rich, varied heritage. Over the years, his extensive personal local contacts, from the Royal Palace to villagers in remote valleys of the High Atlas, have enabled participants in his specialized programs to gain entry to private homes, palaces and gardens unattainable to any but the most privileged.

We await your inquiries in order to tailor-make a special trip for your clients as needed.

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