Delta Airline News

Delta Airline News

Delta Airlines will offer a new exclusive checkin service at the Port of Barcelona for passengers that have taken a cruise and then fly directly from Barcelona to the USA. Clients will arrive at the port Terminal B on Royal Caribbean, Norwegian or Holland America cruises will enjoy the comfort of this checkin including baggage checkin and boarding card issuing service for their final destination. Additionally there will be checkin available for other clients using Delta’s two direct flights between Barcelona and the US.

Delta offers service from the US to four cities in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Valencia.

Cooperation between Spain and UNESCO in the field of culture is particularly rich.

Spain, which is represented on the World Heritage List by forty sites, has signed a cooperation agreement with UNESCO to support the activities of the World Heritage Centre. A funds-in-trust was created to finance target projects on the implementation of the World Heritage Convention in other States Parties.

Particularly interested in its living heritage, Spain has ratified the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. Two of its expressions have been proclaimed Masterpieces of the Oral Intangible Heritage of Humanity: the Mystery Play of Elche in 2001 and the Patum of Berga in 2005.

Spain is also concerned with its underwater heritage as demonstrated by its ratification of the Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage in 2005.

In the field of the art and cultural industries, Spain collaborated with UNESCO in organizing the Universal Forum of Cultures, which took place in Barcelona in 2004.

This country is also an active member of the Global Alliance, which promotes cultural diversity through the strengthening of creative industries. Spain is a generous contributor to the Alliance. The Spanish city of Seville joined the Creative Cities Network in 2006 as the first UNESCO City of Music.

Intercultural dialogue is another area of interest. In this regard, Spain participates in the Slave Route Project and the Routes of al-Andalus and actively supports UNESCO’s programme to promote interreligious dialogue.

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